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Who We Are

We first started the operation in 2001 in North America as Digital Art Home. We are a group of seven creative directors, artists and digital art operators who came together to push the boundaries of digital art, what’s possible in the homogeneous digital environments.


In our early years; we worked in different industries such as graphics designing, digital art, painting, 3D designs and industrial designing.


Our passion for digital artwork started way earlier than today’s environments. After 20 years; we feel we can finally create as freely and even with small steps we can come up with our own creative designs and we can finally say these are our creative words and ideas.


Finally, we as a group can practice our own ideologies which these digital unique prints can show the world who we really are and in a simple unique way, we can leave our own footprints in the digital environment.


Our most important achievement will be the creation of our own colour, view, ideology and feelings will be.


We believe if everyone on earth will be able to practice their own unique right to freedom of speech, the world will be very colourful and beautiful.


We realize; if we don’t speak for ourselves, nobody will. Brave “ones” must sacrifice their comfort to say whatever has to be said.


In today’s society; everybody has so much to worry about and takes too many cautions to protect themselves. But in this safe and comfortable space, it also becomes our own prison which we create ourselves and others help to make it close more.


All of our members have been practicing their own unique ways until now. We figured with this new technology environment; we have to do more. For that reason; we will try to use the tools that are available to us to create our collections and artwork to make our small point in the digital world. We are also trying to figure out the digital art world, limits of creation and boundaries and how we can pass the limits of our own.

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