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Abyss Within

I am a painter, illustrator, street artist. I started my career at an early age as an artist. In my teens, I started to work with a group of traditional painters and was fascinated by realistic and surrealistic figurative painters. I spend lots of time, in the presence of these great painters, studios and was first observed as an artist, many different views of art were produced in front of me. This way I was able to see different objectives and different points of different views has been made within different styles of art. I was able to spend a long time in this art environment with different artists, of different expressions of art. These artists have all different views.   


Also, one of my masters always used to say; Artists don’t need many different tools and paints, all you need is a simple pen and paper!!. Another coat from one other master: “never fell in love or create an attachment to your art or paintings, sketches or possessions if you can not let it go you can not start the next chapter of your creations, produce and set it free”. At this time I was able to see; the pain and struggle of the artists. I try to find my art style, ideology, but the feeling doesn’t come some time “it comes whenever it comes”. I realized nobody wants to break the comfort zone of their life. But soon or later, some people must step up to the task and must say with their art. At least whatever they can say or whenever they can say.  

Basically “just say it” whatever you can”. The way I see it; all the humans discover the shortcuts to becoming extremely successful, materially successful to achieve the humanly impossible success to have money, they figured out the inhuman ideas technologies to reach their goals. Each time they come up with more deceiving and smarter ways to step on top of another, and they call this business a success, power etc. Just another way of explaining the hysteria, greed, power hunger. For example; if the businessman and politicians will start to live in between animal kingdoms [with in animal life] All the animals try to get by with what they need at that moment or a little more for the future. But some power tested and power, money-hungry humans, try to collect an unlimited amount of money. Can you imagine the animals have no stopping, all of the animals will be attacking each other. 


After [once they go even more greedy like some humans] they will be attacking the humans as well. What I am saying is, we can not accept even the same animals are behaving like hungry humans. At The End; We all choose our own way with what we desire the most and what we desire is only limited with what we can see [not just a look]. In the world and how we can interpret to explain to ourselves. But what we can explain to ourselves is also limited with what kind of teaching, culture, ideology has been pushed to us by other early ideologists. We are limited by their limited achievements, unfortunately. If you are a creative thinker and an untidy discovering personality you may pass the limits of your ancestors and teachers. At the end, we all feel we belong to something and if feel comfortable we act the way we choose to. Since I see the strange things happening all around us all are in holding of the power and the seats are doing anything and everything to continue the way they are if it is wrong or right to who or what. They just don’t have to do what they usually do with no conscience or punishments because they all figured out the way to get away. Even the first thing they do to figure out to get away. 


On the other hand, they all know deep inside them, what is happening what is the real way to continue but their inner self is saying one thing but their outer self is constantly ignoring for daily possessions and small happiness. Humans are clever and creator beings, they also know which channels to open or close as needed to fit their daily ideology and designs, no matter how small or the big the ideology is. On one hand, we all have our unique ways to tackle life in any way we all see fit.  As an artist, I decided to come up with my view of life and to be able to say the small points that I can say. All the beings will do whatever they feel inside and as an artist, I will try to describe the way I am all surrounded, and explain it into my art, the way I see fit. If allots of powerful people don’t want to acknowledge their fault. I have no choice but to ridicule the fouck out of them. 

If I can say whatever I feel inside and use my art as my way of explaining my own small view of the life surrounding me. I think if I can be successful in that reaching across other beings, people. If I can deliver these feelings that would make me happy and satisfied with my life. “So all others with the bad choice [which you, really deep inside know it is not the way to go], but still insisting they’re own used to games. 


As a result of this, I feel like expressing my feelings through my art. If I can in a small way. “You play your game and I play mine, but when ridiculing the fouck out of you, don’t get upset if you don’t mind". 



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