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Ape Presidents


Ape president’s story and scenario start in today’s world and time. In today’s time; natural resources are not enough to serve the existing humans on earth. It has already destroyed the most important animals, natural life elements like forest, vegetation, water which are needed for life to exist. Easily accessible resources will be disappeared very soon. The resources we have right now will be disappeared or be polluted in 50 years, 100 years or 500 years.


Our story starts at this time, as soon as this extinction event starts. We will lose all the readily available water resources. Water will be too expensive to throw it to the animals and farming. Today; all the mass food sources are cheap and available at a lower cost. For that reason, the human population hit the record numbers on earth. It is close to 8 billion. But when the cheap resources are gone and all the humans on the earth compete for the same resources, all the policies will be changed and nationalism will hit its record high. All the nations who have clean water will keep that clean water for themselves. They will try to cut off the other nations. First, they will try to buy it with money, power and influence but soon that will not work. Eventually, all the nations that have the resources will gang up with military-powered ones. All the other weak, poor and environmentally wrong located countries and races will all die and disappeared from the earth, even the ones are holding the power and necessary resources will come up with propaganda and they will destroy the others as many as they can and as fast as they can with any means necessary. They will use biological and chemical weapons and traditional warfare. 


After this era; they will live for a while but will soon even be in more trouble. Because once they reverse the natural balance, nature will quickly disappear and will switch to earth protection mode. This means; all the bacteria, microbes and pollution will take more effects, finally all the human race will die and disappear from the earth.


After this; our ape president’s era will start. Because there are no humans and technology are trying to destroy nature, nature and all the resources will quickly come back to the earth but this dark time will make sure all the humans disappear. The reason once pollution and bacteria levels hit high only animals will be able to survive with low levels of food, water and polluted resources.


At this stage on earth, only some animals who can climb high from the ground and live in small forestation will be able to live. Because on the ground rivers and water resources will be toxic in addition. Only some prime apes and monkeys will be able to survive in this harsh environment.


After this era starts; all the monkeys and apes who lived on high mountains and trees will be able to live on little water and leaves from leftover vegetations.  Because since there is no human race that exists, there will be no competition for the resources and apes will very soon be at the top of the food chain and their adaptation ability will be more robust natures which will adapt to live with pollution and new bacteries. Apes will build better immune systems and will easily survive and will very soon be the most primitive apes with no competition on earth.  

After nature healing itself thousands of years from now; all the apes will reach great numbers of the population but their capable natures will help nature and grow their population. This era on earth will continue for a long time [100,000 years] or so. In the meantime; apes will complete their evolution as we did as humans. In our evolution, we became humans from early apes. But this time they will have the DNA, cell memories, leftover art effects, and the ruins from the extinct human race. Once they start to communicate and build their new society, they will be more protective of the natural rules and engagements. They will try to take control of their new society and will come up with less freedom, control, low technology which means they will have some sort of fascism and the new society will be more unforgiving, strict, will have more violence with the ones who failed the system. The reason being is because their ancestors came from a much worse ecological environment and in this fascist system, they will have much worse violence and unforgiving nature. After their low technology policy is in effect; they will have some low-level tools and equipment. Because of all the real scientific achievements and information from humans will all be disappeared or be covered up.


By the new power of apes, presidents will be enforced by the powerful fewer apes and this new sort of fascist powerful group will be ape presidents of the future. If we say the year “0” is after the human race has disappeared; the year for this era will be 100,000. They will call this era year 1. (After Apes Year 1) aka (A.A. 1). If we calculate the extinct human race, the ones can who write and read have roughly lived for 10,000 years. In this new era of apes on earth will be roughly year 1,000 (A.A. 1000).  


This is the time our story begins and will start to imagine our new ape society, our fascist ape presidents and their most violent generals. In this story, the rest of the ape society will exist but they are not important at this moment. In addition, this story will talk about the most violent and unforgiving ape presidents and their very violent generals.


As concept artists; we will start to create different series of art which will help us see what that future could’ve and would’ve been like. One of our artists; creator and storyteller “ABYSS” will be involved in this concept and art creation of these “Ape Presidents” and their generals NFT projects. Also, the characters we will choose for our artworks will have the idea of this human era. We will choose the most powerful and brutal ones with any means necessary surviving and successful nature. The ones who left their mark on our time will also have some kind of variations that apes will take over and use their power against the ones with gentle and calm personalities. We can even see more aggressive and powerful ones who will be meat-eaters. The others who will be ruled could still be vegetarians.


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